Palestine, USA and settlements

It is quite understandable that any US administration and President support Israel. The strong and powerful Jewish society in the US is demanding it.

But now, even the President, his Secretary of State and Jews both in the US and Israel are protesting against the heavy hands of Mr. Netanyahu and his hawks.  But, what do they DO about it?

The planned meeting between Israel and the Palestinians is meaningless as long as Israel keep building an additional 934 apartments on Palestinian land. That decision was made one week before the talks were scheduled. Israel is clearly showing their arrogance to everybody, even the US Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Israel is keeping Palestine in a choking grip. They control everything: Infrastructure, money, trade, water, electricity, food…… And when the Palestinians in desperation try to fight the Israelis, the retaliation is so heavy that most of the world is stunned and shocked over the brutality.

Examples are the 22 day military operation starting on December 27, 2008, where at least 700 Palestinians lost their lives. Some claim it was closer to 1,500. Then, in November 2012, just before the election in Israel, they launch a devastating attack on Gaza. At least 172 Palestinians were killed, and three Israelis. The official reason was that some Palestinian fanatics, out of control, had shot some missiles into Israel, but the Israeli response was so harsh that it shocked the world. Obviously, Netanyahu wanted to make a statement to the Israeli people, the American President and the world: We will continue to keep Palestine in our hard grip.

President Obama repeatedly said Israel has the right to defend itself against rocket attacks from Gaza.  After his re-election, it was expected that he would sharpen his condemnation of civilian casualties. I have heard nothing like that. He just mumbled something about civilian casualties in a meeting with Netanyahu and Egypt’s president Mursi.

The main problem is that the Israeli government totally disregards any kind of critique or condemnation from anybody. Based on two issues; the Holocaust and the right to defend themselves, they do what they want. End of story.
The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a number of resolutions saying that the strategic relationship with the United States encourages Israel to pursue aggressive and expansionist policies and practices. Israel has broken more UN resolutions that any other in UN history, at least 102. And, this country also has the benefit that their biggest ally, the USA, will veto any serious resolution against them preventing any action from being carried out. The Security Council’s resolution no. 446 clearly states that: “… the policy and practices of Israel in establishing settlements in the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967 have no legal validity and constitute a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East.”

So, again, Israel does what they want. My question to the US government is: Why don’t you DO something about it? You have, since 1948, poured billions of dollars into Israel, especially to IDF, the Israel Defense Force, which is basically used to kill, maim and torment innocent Palestinian civilians.

President Obama cannot be re-elected, so why does not the US administration use this opportunity to stop the settlements, which is so devastating to the Palestinian people?


Why Israel creates terrorists

This is probably nothing new, but I have been thinking a little…..Yes, that happens..

I could probably write a book about this, but here is the short version………

So, why are the Israeli so brutal against the Palestinians? — Surrounded by ca. 450 mill Arabs, mostly Muslims, who wants to erase the state of Israel………That is what Israel THINKS! BUT, is it true?????? Well, I don’t buy it.

Several polls show that the Israeli people (around 70 %) want peace and a Two State solution. And the Arab countries basically want the same.

So again, why does Bibi and other members of the top notch political regime of Israel suppress the Palestinians in such a horrible way? No negotiations, no peace talk, the Oslo process is dead, they show arrogance and disrespect towards their most staunch supporter, USA……..

My thinking goes towards this: The Zionist “create” terrorists to legitimize their very aggressive and horrible treatment of the Palestinians, the choking hold they have on the Palestinians : to terrorize and suppress the Palestinian people.HOW? To legitimize their use of force, they deliberately treat Palestinians, and especially the children, so harshly that they internalize the Palestinians hatred.

It seems like they want to erase the Palestinian people, and as I have asked before: what will then happen?

Two Laws for children in Israel

It is beyond any doubt that the IDF is abusing Palestinian children, especially physical.

What is even worse, is that the IDF can do this with the law in their hand.

In Israel there are two sets of Laws. One for Israeli children and one for Palestinian children.

The following is a paragraph from a report.

Children in Military Custody
June 2012
A report written by a delegation of British lawyers on the treatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military law

An example of their findings.

14. Thirdly, under international law, no state is entitled to discriminate between those over whom it exercises penal jurisdiction on the basis of their race or nationality. Unequal or differential justice is not justice. We have encountered official Israeli attitudes which, while not overtly contesting this proposition, implicitly challenge it. Beyond this, however, it is uncontested that there are major differentials between the law governing the treatment of Palestinian children and the law governing treatment of Israeli children. There are also grounds for believing there to be serious differentials in procedure and practice.

The full report is here.

That is the legal basis for IDF’s harsh treatment of Palestinian children. But it goes beyond that. They break their own “Law” by abusing the Palestinian children much worse than stated by their “Law”.

In this report, the lawyers unrevealed a serious gap between the Law and reality of the treatment of the Palestinian children.  The report has an extensive conclusion and also a long range of recommendations.

The Conclusion starts with this:


110.     As we have explained, we have been given two radically different accounts of Israeli  practice. It is not our role to adjudicate between them. But within them are certain  undisputed facts which compel us to conclude that Israel is in breach of articles 2  (discrimination), 3 (child’s best interests), 37(b) (premature resort to detention), (c)  (non-separation from adults) and (d) (prompt access to lawyers) and 40 (use of shackles)111  of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. If the manner of arrest and detention is to a significant extent that which is described in paragraphs 36 and 37, Israel will also be in breach of the prohibition on cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment in article  37(a) of the Convention. Transportation of child prisoners into Israel is in breach of article 76  of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Failure to translate Military Order 1676 from Hebrew is a violation of article 65 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The abuse of Palestinian children is now thoroughly documented, and has been an important issue in the UN. The latest I could find were these articles from the UN, a formal report and a comment from a high UN official.

Now, if we let the suffering and cruelty rest for a while, what are we dealing with here?

The fact is that nobody can or will (?) control Israel. Even China and Russia are careful not to break Human Rights and International Laws too blatantly. But Israel? They do whatever they feel they “have” to, based on two things: The Holocaust and “the right to defend themselves”. That is supposed to give them the right to violently suppress a helpless people.

As I have said before: This must be a dilemma for the US who is the main supporter of Israel.

Cluster bombs

In 2008 a Convention was signed to abandon the use of cluster ammunition. 107 countries signed. Three important countries did not. China, Russia and USA and of course Israel. China and Russia was to be expected, and especially Israel who actively use this horrible ammunition. But the US? With their high moral standards, the protector of Human Rights worldwide,”the Greatest Democracy in the World” according to themselves. Why have they not signed this treaty? Even a number of US Military “have long argued they are outmoded and immoral because of the dangers posed to civilians from bombs that do not explode and litter the ground like land mines.”………The last meeting was in Oslo in September 2012…..

What is the use of this weapon?

How many children are killed and maimed every year because of this horrible weapon?

Nearly all victims — 94% — are civilians, and 40% are children,” said Elizabeth MacNairn, executive director of Handicap International U.S. “The report counts between 20,000 and 54,000 cluster munition victims, who will need life-long assistance, and access to a range of health care and support to be fully included in society. Their families and communities also need help.”

So WHY???

Palestinian children in Israeli jails

I have earlier written about the choking hold Israel is having on the Palestinians. Israel’s state terrorism against the Palestinians has now reached a level that is so appalling that even their most “loyal” supporter, the US, is trying to constrain Israels’ military aggression, the settlements of Israelis on Palestinian land and their destruction of Palestinian economy.

While all this is going on, there is something very sinister happening that does not make the big headlines: The way the Israeli army (IDF) is treating Palestinian children. Besides being vicious and cruel, it also violates International law., more precisely “Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child”,” the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child”.

An Israeli military prosecutor told the team of lawyers, “Every Palestinian child is a potential terrorist.” This stance, Davies says, leads to a spiral of injustice, which only Israel as the occupying power in the West Bank can reverse.

So, what exactly are the IDF doing to these children?

Common complaints and areas of concern – January 2008 January 2012

Number of Cases Percentage of Children
Hand ties 296 95%
Blindfolds 281 90%
Physical violence 234 75%
Detention inside Israel in violation of Article 76 196 63%
Arrested between midnight and 5:00 am 188 60%
Confession during interrogation 180 58%
Threats 178 57%
Verbal abuse and/or humiliation 169 54%
Strip searched 102 33%
Transferred on floor of vehicle 98 32%
Signed/shown documents written in Hebrew 91 29%
Solitary confinement 38 12%

Hard facts     Behind these numbers are the suffering of children, their traumas, angst and horrors of being treated like terrorists. Most of these children threw rocks at Israeli armed vehicles and tanks, not doing any damage. But again: the Israeli retaliation is grossly out of proportion. The IDF arrests, blindfold, beat and place these kids in solitary confinement (which by International law is torture) for weeks and months and then brought into the court room shackled and chained, like armed convicts. If over 14 years of age, they can be sentences to 20 years in jail

Again. They are CHILDREN! How can we sit still and do NOTHING? This must be a dilemma especially for the US, who are so quick to accuse for example China of abusing Human Rights, while at the same time supporting Israel, who so blatantly break all International Laws.

Israel and USA

These days the situation in Israel and “Palestine” is shadowed by the revolution in Syria, but the facts remains. The main fact is that Israel is committing State terrorism on a people that can not defend themselves. Yes, I know, some rockets are being fired into Israeli territory ..wait. IS it Israeli territory, or has it been occupied by the Israeli army? These puny rockets hardly do any damage.

But the retaliation from Israel is so harsh, brutal and excessive that it is hard to imagine. The most haunted people in the history, the Jews, are killing innocent women and children for example by using fighter jets firing missiles into narrow streets to take out ONE person, but in the process killing and injuring the innocents. Collateral damage??

They also keep building houses, settling Jews on Palestinian land. They destroy or steal Palestinian orchards of olives. They shut down water and electricity….. I could go on, but there is no need. Israel is slowly choking the Palestinians, depriving them of a minimum of a normal, decent life.

20-30 years ago, Israel had a basic sympathy from most of the Western world. Not so now. An extensive survey by BBC shows that “favorable” to Israel is down to 21 %.

And now Mitt Romney is in Israel and of course he can’t keep his mouth shut. I always wonder if most Americans even bother to even try to understand the effects some of his statements have. He says that “Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel”.

THAT is one of the most difficult issues in the conflict, and even the US has never accepted that as a solution. Then he goes on and somewhat implying that if he was elected President, and Israels attacks Iran, the US would stand by them. Israeli attack on Iran?  —- In that region there are close to 500 million Muslims, and although Iran is not the most popular country in that area, Israel is hated. So, if Israel really attacked Iran, the consequences would be a major disaster, including the involvement of the US troops in Iraq.

Just the idea that Mitt Romney should be elected President of the US frightens me.