I have lived three years in Africa (South Africa, Namibia and Ghana) and ten years in the US.

So, I have some comments to the situation in Africa

First of all the obvious: Africa is a continent, like the US in many ways, but so much bigger, in area, population and of course the hundreds of different cultures. I will therefore refrain from making any kind of generalization. It is just not possible, like it is impossible in America.

But I have made some observations that I will share with you.

First, like many “churches” around the globe, the “pure “life of man and woman in marriage”, and no gays, no “fooling” around”, no exploitation of young people and children is so hypocritical that I don’t have the words to describe it.

YES, of course there are many missionaries doing good work, but they also “educate” new and local pastors. Some of them do good work too, of course, but I have seen them arrive (one “church” was our neighbour) in their expensive cars with Italian suits and gold jewelry and of course, have their pick of young beautiful women. (Gay or not is very tribal with many variations).

This “church” is constructing an enormous building near by…. Where does the money come from??? Missionaries, well some, but basically those people are sucking the little money they have from the poorest people on this planet, so that hey will be blessed in heaven… Which heaven and where does it come from?? US! That is us, the Western World

So, what right have we to invade Africa with our money, our products and our beliefs? Exploitation,. power struggle, and, of course, money…. I could of course write a book about this, but that is of course impossible.

Africa is probably the continent with the largest volume of Natural Resources. So why are most African “States” or “Nations” (there is a big difference) so poor??

Because we have and still do, exploit Africa. At the same time we think that we are saving their souls by smashing the so called Christian fate down their throat.

Why? Two examples: In Ghana, they produce a tremendous amount of tomatoes. Buy a can of tomato paste and it is imported from Holland!

Buy a bottle of water in most of Africa. Many brands, but it you look closely, you will see that is is marked, “Coca Cola”……………..

So the combination of Governments power and intervention, Multinational Companies and Church together have kept and keep an iron hand on AFRICA. The church cannot run away from their part of that.