Israel and USA

These days the situation in Israel and “Palestine” is shadowed by the revolution in Syria, but the facts remains. The main fact is that Israel is committing State terrorism on a people that can not defend themselves. Yes, I know, some rockets are being fired into Israeli territory ..wait. IS it Israeli territory, or has it been occupied by the Israeli army? These puny rockets hardly do any damage.

But the retaliation from Israel is so harsh, brutal and excessive that it is hard to imagine. The most haunted people in the history, the Jews, are killing innocent women and children for example by using fighter jets firing missiles into narrow streets to take out ONE person, but in the process killing and injuring the innocents. Collateral damage??

They also keep building houses, settling Jews on Palestinian land. They destroy or steal Palestinian orchards of olives. They shut down water and electricity….. I could go on, but there is no need. Israel is slowly choking the Palestinians, depriving them of a minimum of a normal, decent life.

20-30 years ago, Israel had a basic sympathy from most of the Western world. Not so now. An extensive survey by BBC shows that “favorable” to Israel is down to 21 %.

And now Mitt Romney is in Israel and of course he can’t keep his mouth shut. I always wonder if most Americans even bother to even try to understand the effects some of his statements have. He says that “Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel”.

THAT is one of the most difficult issues in the conflict, and even the US has never accepted that as a solution. Then he goes on and somewhat implying that if he was elected President, and Israels attacks Iran, the US would stand by them. Israeli attack on Iran?  —- In that region there are close to 500 million Muslims, and although Iran is not the most popular country in that area, Israel is hated. So, if Israel really attacked Iran, the consequences would be a major disaster, including the involvement of the US troops in Iraq.

Just the idea that Mitt Romney should be elected President of the US frightens me.


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